About Roger


Roger Sippl has published poetry in the Ocean State Review, Open Thought Vortex, Her Heart Poetry, Bacopa Literary Review, The Write Launch, Alternating Currents, Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, Smeuse Poetry, Poker Brat, Snapdragon, Wising Up Press, Medussa’s Laugh and two medical journals, JAMA Oncology and CHEST. He has written his first novel, Rebreathing, which is in revision.  


Roger studied creative writing at the University of California at Irvine, the University of California at Berkeley (under Thom Gunn) and at Stanford Continuing Studies. However, he primarily studied Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology as a pre-med, before switching to Computer Science, which was his degree from Cal.

Professional LIfe

Sippl sits on Board of Directors of public companies for a living, having entrepreneured enterprise software companies, including three IPOs, for over forty years.


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